Immunities of States and their officials in contemporary international law

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Immunities of States and their officials in contemporary international law
Autoři:Šturma Pavel a kol.
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Formát: 160x230  
Vazba: brožovaná  
ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-946915-05-8  
EAN: 9783946915058
Vydáno: 2017  
Rozsah: 250 stran
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Jazyk: angličtina  
Cena: 417 Kč vč. DPH
Obvyklá cena: 417 Kč vč. DPH
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Immunities of States as well as related forms of immunities, such as the immunity of State officials, belong to the traditional topics of international law. They keep occupying a central place in the work of legal practitioners. At the same time, they attract more and more interest of the academia. The book is a collective effort by a small group of Czech and Slovak scholars joined by their interest in the topical issues of immunities. The scope of expertise and interests includes but is not limited to human rights, interpretation of treaties, international arbitration and international criminal law. The law of immunities reveals many complexities and is inhospitable to simple solutions. However, it is the authors´ sincere wish and hope to contribute to the ongoing debates on the issue of immunities of States an their officials.

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